Pork Rinds $6 house-made pork skins | chili spice mix (gf)

Chaurice $6 house-made pork sausage (gf)

Fried Okra $7 with our unique Comeback sauce (v)

Fried Pickle Chips $7 with our unique Ranch dip (v)

Hushpuppies $7 with our delicious honey butter

Red Beans & Rice $6.50 add Chaurice sausage for $3 (gf)

French Fries $5 dipping sauces available (v) (gf)

Collard Greens $6.50 includes chopped ham hock | add Chaurice sausage for $3 (gf)

Creamed Kale $7 onion, parmesan, chili flakes slow-cooked in cream (v)

Turtle Soup $9  made with real Louisiana snapping turtle, eco-friendly sourcing | optional sherry drizzle

Green Salad $9.50 roasted beets | biscuit croutons | pumpkin-seed brittle | add blackened catfish for $7 (gf)

Wedge Salad $10 house-made Ranch | soft-boiled egg | biscuit croutons

Croquettes $12 goat cheese & crawfish tails | kale-carrot-radish salad | pickled okra spears


Seafood Gumbo $15 house-smoked tasso (spicy smoked pork) | crab stock | dark smoky roux | seasonal seafood

Shrimp Etouffée $14 spicy cajun blonde roux | tail-on shrimp | diced tomatoes

Cajun BBQ Shrimp $15 spicy cajun sauce in a cast-iron skillet | head-on shrimp | served with crusty french bread

Jambalaya $13 spanish-style seasoned rice | house-made Andouille sausage & chicken (gf)

Blackened Catfish $14 cajun blackening spice mix | side of rice & lemon | make it a po boy for $3 extra

Hoppin' John $12 black-eyed peas & rice | cheddar | tomatoes | red onion | chives | add debris or Chaurice for $3 (v) (gf)

EaT Mac-n-Cheese $14 crawfish tails | Andouille sausage | buttermilk biscuit crumb & Parmesan topping

Frog Legs $13 seasoned flour & cornmeal | fried crisp | side of our unique Ranch dip

Crispy Fried Chicken Dinner $18 three piece mixed | kale-carrot-radish slaw | buttermilk biscuit with honey butter

Catfish Platter $16 two fried bone-in fillets | hushpuppies | slaw | pickles | honey butter


po boys are served on crusty french roll with Comeback sauce, shredded cabbage, pickles, & tomatoes with side of fries.

Debris $12.50 slow-cooked beef shredded in au-jus

Oyster, Shrimp, or Catfish $13  seasoned flour & cornmeal | fried crisp | can't decide? combine 2 for 50 cents extra

Parish Burger $14 Cascade Natural beef | toasted bun | Comeback sauce | lettuce-pickles-tomato | pimento cheese


Half-Dozen or Dozen, Market price 
served with fresh-grated horseradish, mignonette, and lemon slices

O Y S T E R  S H O O T E R S
Oyster in a glass topped with alcohol and flavoring, $4 each

Standard vodka | spicy red chili sauce | lemon

Cajun standard, but with chili-infused vodka

Kentucky chili-infused bourbon | lemon

El Hombre chili-infused tequila | lemon & lime  (gf)

Cowboy Trumer Pils | hot  sauce | lemon

B A K E D  O Y S T E R S
Order of 3: $11 | Order of 6: $19
** baked oysters can be mixed!***

Rockefeller spinach-watercress puree | absinthe | parmesan

Bienville mushroom bechamel sauce

Redneck Riviera garlic butter | parmesan (gf)


Fried Oyster $2 seasoned flour & cornmeal | fried crisp


Southern Bread Pudding $8 dried cherries | golden raisins | house-made whiskey sauce | please allow 15 mins.

House-made Pecan Pie $6 a timeless  Southern classic


⚜ denotes an item may contain a raw or undercooked ingredient, such as a raw oyster or egg whites. Generally, these items are safe for common consumption, but those at heightened risk of food borne illness may wish to leave the product off or choose a different item. Please inform us of any known allergens so we may safely prepare your meal! || (v) vegetarian | (gf) gluten-free